Central Basin/Cuyahoga

The Central Basin of Lake Erie includes the Cleveland, Huron, Vermillion, Ashtabula communities.  The algae related issues in the central basin are dead zones which come from the dying/decaying algae in the western basin.  Lake Erie  Waterkeeper seeks to identify opportunities and challenges for the waters in the Central Basin, which begins east of the Huron River and goes to the Pennsylvania border.  The Central Basin/Cleveland Program is focused on addressing local and regional issues that affect the health of Lake Erie and on improving recreational access for all people in the area.

A major water quality issue in central basin is the dead zone – an oxygen depleted area caused by dying algae.  Other issues in the Central Basin/Cleveland include:

  • Tributary and near shore nutrient loads
  • Fracking
  • Lake Levels
  • Algae
  • Invasive species
  • Erosion
  • And other water quality issues.

To ensure the long term health of our lake, Lake Erie Waterkeeper is committed to working in close collaboration with existing sub-watershed groups, educators, civic organizations and others to promote water as a resource and to share information on what water means to the economy, community and homes.

Lake Erie Waterkeeper is a grassroots organization that succeeds through the involvement of its members.  Join us, tell some friends, and get involved today!

Get Out on the Water

How can I get involved?  There are dozens of ways you can join forces with Lake Erie Waterkeeper in its mission to monitor and improve the lake and its watershed:

  • Join us to stay up to date on the issues and ways you can make a difference.
  • Report pollution, algae and fish kills as soon as you see them
  • Sign or circulate a petition, or participate in a call-in action.
  • Participate in a river or beach cleanup, or start your own!  Support your local watershed organization.
  • Help us to publicize our fundraisers and events.  Sponsor a fundraiser or event.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter – and share with your friends.
  • Keep an eye on news articles about Lake Erie and alert us of them so that we can share with our members and followers.
  • Share your own events, stories, research and photos.
  • Join or create a task force.  Help us research and monitor in-stream pollution in the watershed.  Help us catalog potential sources of pollution.  Help us keep tabs on existing pollution permits.  Help us establish a voluntary groundwater monitoring program.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper about key legislation, development, or other activities which impact Lake Erie and its watershed.
  • Volunteer to help us cover tables at events.
  • Make a donation.  In addition to financial contributions, your time, expertise, recreational opportunities, and other in-kind donations are invaluable resources which can always be put to good use.
  • Help us recruit new members!  If you are not currently a member, become a member today!

Annual membership options: 

$25—individual membership

$10—student membership

$40—family membership

$100—corporate, non-profit, or organization membership

With membership, you will be included in our volunteer database, receive newsletters and emails.