Bayshore Fish Kills

The Bayshore plant

The Bayshore plant has been the largest fish killing plant in the Great Lakes.(See attached flier)  Although Bayshore is not the largest power plant in western Lake Erie, the plant is located at the mouth of the Maumee River in Maumee Bay.  The plant in the fall draws the entire volume of flow from the Maumee River.  Because the Maumee is Lake Erie’s best spawning river, it then follows that the Bayshore power plant is the largest fish killing power plant in the Great Lakes.(Western Lake Erie has a whole section on Bayshore on the home page -not sure how to transfer with links.  The average discharge depth for the historic 750 million gallons a day is but two to three feet.

First Energy/Bayshore announced closing 3 of the 4 units which will reduce water use from 750 mgd to about 182mgd.  The reduction in water use will reduce fish kills – how much is unknown at this time.