Areas of Concern

Areas of Concern (AOCs)

The Great Lakes Areas of Concern – known as AOC’s were established in the 1980’s after the establishment of the Clean Water Act and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.  AOC’s create Remedial Action Plans(RAP’s)

Forty-three Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs) have been identified:

  • 26 located entirely within the United States
  • 12 located wholly within Canada
  • 5 that are shared by both countries.

Three Canadian AOCs have been delisted and one U.S. AOC has been delisted leaving 30 AOCs remaining on the U.S. side of the border.

Remedial Action Plans

Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) are being developed for each of these AOCs to address impairments to any one of 14 beneficial uses (e.g., restrictions on fish and wildlife consumption, dredging activities, or drinking water consumption) associated with these areas.  USEPA AOC Principles and Guidelines have been finalized for formally delisting these areas as beneficial uses are restored.

The following are the Lake Erie Areas of Concern: