Report Algae Sources

Your Part in Reducing Algae in Lake Erie

Report Algae when you see it….

Lake Erie is getting greener every year – the lake waters have too many nutrients(like calories too many is bad).  The most growing nutrient(calorie) problem is phosphorous.  Phosphorous is in sewage, animal manure, fertilizers, and some products.  Here is how you can help:

  1. If you fertilize your lawn, make sure the middle number is 0 for phosphorous(if you have someone do it ask for a phosphorous free application)
  2. Catch your stormwater in a rain barrel and use the water to water your lawn, flowers, etc.  The rush of water after rain puts too much phosphorous in the water which the algae thrive on
  3. Have the water running off your roof, driveway, etc. go into a rain garden which is like a mini wetland area.
  4. Report algae when you see it – please copy Download Form Here!
  5. Ask for improvements to the Detroit Wastewater plant – stop sewage sludge from being dumped into the rivers and Lake Erie
  6. Ask for Ohio to participate in the Detroit Wastewater NPDES permit
  7. Ask USEPA and Michigan DEQ to require the Detroit wastewater plant to stop dumping sewage sludge and raw sewage into Lake Erie.
  8. Ask elected officials to require large buildings with pigs, dairy and poultry to treat the manure produced.   The industrial type of operations can do what no residential development can do – put the waste in a lagoon and liquid apply it to fields.