Power Point presentations and speeches are available upon request.  Topics can very.  Information is always provided on the Great Lakes and Lake Erie.  The focus can be the Health of Lake Erie, Algae, Asian Carp, Invasive species or???

For presentations please email or call 419-691-3788.


Lake Erie Waterkeeper Educational Presentations

Our staff Waterkeeper (watershed oversight and spokesman), Sandy Bihn gives educational presentations to schools, civic organizations, and other groups of all ages. This presentation will introduce listeners to Lake Erie Waterkeeper and explain how the organization works hard to protect every citizen’s right to clean water in the Lake Erie watershed. The presentation has photographs from the algae and fish die offs and will expose pollution and aquatic threats and highlight some of the lake’s pristine areas. We hope that people will be inspired to become involved in our efforts through memberships, volunteerism, and donations. The presentation can be tailored to fit your time constraints. Contact Sandy at to schedule.

In the Cleveland area please contact Brendan Trewella a